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By pgbruce - Posted on 15 May 2011

The number of JET styles go on into infinity.

Which do you chose, the hard or soft option?

Hit it hard, “go after the worse offender?” “feed the most people possible” or “create an alternative that is completely free of oppressive connections”?

Hit it soft, “wheedle away at the oppressors authority” “contribute your extras to help the less fortunate” or “Buy, work at or speak well of non-oppressive organizers”?

We all have gifts, preferences and resources unique to ourselves. God has endowed us with certain inalienable personalities. We grew-up with a package gifts with added experiences and resources intended to buildup his Kingdom. Believing, Intending and Actualizing that we are loving brothers and sisters can guide our development into a justice worker par-excellence. You were born for this! Make it so.

Three approches to justice work.

Proactive = Working at projects that circumvent unjust applications.

Remedial = Easing the suffering brought on by injustice.

Defensive = Stopping injustice.

Three classes of Justice Work

1st. Class, working on injustice issues not related to themselves.

2nd. Class, working on issues for a larger group that includes themselves.

3rd. Class, working to correct their own personal situation of injustice.