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I have decided to pre-publish this document. I did it because it has taken so long to complete and if it never is completed then at least it's incomplete form can accomplish some of the intentions I have for it.

This may contain sentiments or emotions of the day which I would not include in a “completed” edition.

The persons I wish to instruct and encourage will find wisdom and validation not usual in Christian discourse. I would describe my unique perspective negatively as “to Christian for the radicals and to radical for the Christians” or positively as “Jesus personality.” The second may sound delusional but it is the natural product of mixing the terms as declared in negative form. The negative form was ciphered out while trying to understand my quandary with not fitting in to contemporary groupings of people.

But seriously, Jesus WAS a PERSON who lived through a PERSONALITY. His WORLD VIEW has been the focus of many a philosophical discussion and this is my take.

Justice Enrichment Theology,

By Peace General Bruce T. C. Duncanson

Psalm 45: States, “Your Royal Majisty is expressed in Justice.”

I hope to strengthen many minds with my thoughts here and wake the flock up. I want all God's children to wage peace at war's pace. The thoughts we chose to wrestle speak of our identity and chart our path in life. , and the thought is mightier than the mind. Just as with computer where the software controls the hardware, thoughts control the mind. So the pen is mightier than the sword.

It seems in the early days of computer aided air travel the X-15 surveillance jet weight control officer would show up at the instrumentation center and inquire about the weight being added or removed. Every Thursday it was the same story. “No weight added, no weight removed.” After months and months of this line he finally cornered the guy and said, “I show up here week after week asking about weight changes and you keep saying nothing. But I see crate after crate of punch cards being wheeled in and out. I don't believe you mister. I woke-up in a cold sweat last night thinking about a failed launch being my fault. Now just how much does all that added the software weigh, it looks like you probably have fifteen hundred pounds of information into this project and I need to know. To this the software engineer smiled and said, “Oh that's easy to explain, the information is in the holes.”

The “Prince of Peace's” religion needing an intellectual paper illustrating the fact that justice is his prime directive, shows just how good a snow job Roman did when it adopted the church it could not defeat. That enough text and tradition remain to that allow me to make the importance of justice clear shows just how obvious the fact is.

The contemporary circumstances that have generated my producing this text bear some responsibility for making it possible. A very post age of enlightenment sign of spiritual maturity.

In presenting my Justice Enrichment Theology I will begin with some house keeping as to the very thought process opinion is reached with. I hold these words as fact but amongst scholars they remain opinion. After describing proper decision making I will give my definition of a justice rich theology. My standing as an authority regarding justice and biblical application will be briefly covered. We will most definitely look at the Bible and hymns to show how clearly these thoughts held captive until now are a strong foundation to a biblically based mandate for justice. I will then explore why this Gospel of justice needs such a full scale intellectual defense. Having provided a well rounded image of this Justice Enrichment Theology I can then speak to what it's practice might look like.

WHO will read this...

It is written in 2-Cor 10:3-5 Take every thought captive. Against …..

Some schools of thought believe or speak of thoughts as things. Thoughts are the beginning of things because a thought must precede a thing moving or being made or physical event to occure or not occure. Words are sharable thoughts and hence more solid and important to understand and control. I would be remiss in delivering a lecture on God's mentality without first impressing an importance thought through words. A large reason the lecture is needed is because of mis-speaking and fictitious ideas being taught as gospel. If this were not so the present earth being dominated by largly Christian nations would be happy, joyous and free.

If “we” take thoughts captive we won't be captivated by them. These things called thoughts of which Satan still has sway are the command and control center of our universe. QUOTE---Take the shield of faith that you may extinguish the feiry darts of the devil.” Stray thoughts, mis-information and direct lies are to be held captive, interrogated, squeezed as for purpose and origin and then held fast and displayed for educational purposes. When you hear wrong, first discern weather it is semantics or treachery. Secondly understand the deviation with truth. Thirdly question it's intended consequence. Fourthly track down it's source. Fifthly re-examine step three. Sixthly nail it to the wall. Finally show others what you captured and get your picture taken with it.

Because many situations involve a string of fiction this first exercise may need to repeated again and again. Fortunately the first captive will generally finger other out-lyers and the examination will speed along. Nailing down as you go it can be a rewarding experience because finding the problem is half the solution. As a thought train, when one car is held back the others begin to accordion into each other and show themselves readily.

Dig deep. Some lies have many, many layers. Unless you get to the bottom and are under it fully, you will not understand what you are thinking about honestly and completely. Get “under” and give it “stand”ing. Getting “under”is pertaining to “getting to the bottom of” or “looking at what UP HOLDS IT. Weather it is a imagining or a true fact. Standing is a legal term meaning that a case or point of law is legitimate or in the correct context. Take every though captive, the first take away after Jesus is for justice.

So you see this quote is in the bible, plain as day, but not well known. Ministers and Priests over look it as a rule. They were not impressed as to it's importance most likley. When the armore of God is spoken of this never comes up. My point is that if, thoughts are as important as we think, how obligated is the congregation to hold them captive and see them so tactily. Thoughts as things is a relatively foreign notion to most of us. Of corce many “think” others have taken them captive and well they may, but when things are confusing and questions begin to fly, nailing down the facts are evryones responsibility. Leave no stone unturned. We meet the creator alone. If you are hearing a lesson about this for the first time, you can question my intentions or the churches intentions which is seeming to ge running amuck with illness, poverty, and war. Waging peace at war's pace, with the “Prince of Peace's” thoughts before us would never imagine this world paradigm.

5 layers

The subject of justice is a heavy one. Are you up for a workout? Did you get lot's of sleep last night? I imagine this is about the hardest intellectual grappling challenge Christianity has addressed for a long time. This could be likened to a cross between Ti-Chi and some Iron man challenge slash dicatholon. Gentle as doves and wise as serpents. OR Compassionate as Girl Scouts and harsh as hit-men. How to be kind while subduing a known armed and dangerous sociopath with as little damage to them as possible. Assault, murder, rape, enslavement, torture, prostitution, poisoning and fraud are the crimes. All manifestations of justice gone wrong.

I have God's aggressive notion of justice here and his people are receiving a wake up call. Justice Enrichment Theology is to north America as Liberation Theology is to the third world. That is to say Justice Enrichment Theology is Liberation Theology's other side. As they are called not to allow themselves to be oppressed, we are called stop oppression at all costs. That's it. In a nut shell. I say we north American Christians are an oppressive body who's time has come to use the other side of the blade. A knich name for Jesus is “Prince of Peace,” as in ”Time to get on your horses and ride hard for peace, Prince Jesus is making peace today.” “Mellow out or be mowed down.” Accuse'm all let the Holy Spirit sort'm out. Peace through superior authority. An army of one mind, the mind of Christ. He is the Prince of Peace, not the prince of clean clothes. Jesus the Prince of Peace is not the Prince of nice vacations, vacation homes or vacation retirements. Would the Prince of Peace put up with a war? A hell on earth? Can you actually see Jesus saying, yea the war merchants created it but there's nothing we can do about it so why even try. The Prince of Peace, peace mind you, the Prince of Peace would do something, Something to stop a persons house from being destroyed, or made uninhabitable or even made inaccessibly or be made unsafe. Some precious baby's Mom has to sneak out for food and nurse her while Disneyland and Carnival and Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruse-lines draw the attention and treasure of thousands every year. And to what end, “FUN.” Jesus might say, “Fun, what fun, are you serious, you think it's fun to wallow in luxury and excess while other people are suffering. You need a therapist not a vacation. Your priorities are all screwed-up.” War is hell” how does that sit with the line of the Lords prayer where we ask, “on earth as it is in heaven.” ? Not to well I would suggest.

Thought one, “Jesus is extremely opposed to war.”

One might say, “but we give to the world more than any other people on earth.” But I reply, and did not Jesus scoff at the rich mans contribution over the widows mite? Does our giving surpass our military's spending? We don't even contribute more than our expenditure on vacations or clothing purchases. Do we think we are so favored and venerated that the good shepherd wants us this comfortable? Is this not all God's wealth?

So how did I come to this belief you might ask?

Being a self described Peace General provides a special vehicle for this subject.

In essence this was all pretty easy for me as a young child to recognize, it has just taken fifty four years of a unique life and lots of study to be able to share it intellectuality.

Like many boys I aspired to a life of military service to protect my loved ones and countrymen from the evil forces in the world. I was the General when we played in the neighborhood, stood up for my sisters and the younger kids. I was an Alter boy, in the church choir and enjoyed several peewee sports. My life plan was to retire from a military career someday and carve out a homestead in the north woods. There in the northern wilderness I would enjoy the natural beauty with my family and some friends. I got mixed up in drugs and depression as a teen and as a chance for her son to be happy again my mom sent me off to a public service community in northern Minnesota.

I was hesitant to go to a wilderness work camp that didn't permit drugs but I needed something and joining the Army was still eight months away. WELL, I had never seen such a wilderness! I was so happy. God had let me skip the military career and go on to retirement at age sixteen. During my three years as a volunteer, high school student and eventually employee I immersed myself in the peace and back to nature movement. I developed carpentry and auto repair skills I thought might feed a life in the wilderness I had become acquainted with.

Fast forward four years and as the “Nuclear Freeze Campaign” is winding down I ask myself and others, “Why can't we do more with this big network that has been so victorious? There are many problems left to be addressed and we are all here.”

No one listened, at least not in the “Nuclear Freeze Campaign” leadership. That is when I imagined the Peace Army. Two days later I thought up the slogan, “Waging Peace at War's Pace.” the idea was to give peace the same passion and urgency as war. I thought, “if I wear the mantel of Peace General and talk it up then maybe it could come true. That was the spring of 1983. Thirty years later I think I know how to share it.

be fulfilled I imagined enjoying God's unadulterated grandeur. and George Patton was my most colorful roll model.

I had missed the Vietnam War by two years. I was living in a stressfull family situation, school was not my cup of tea

Like the Bible, “This is an instruction manual, not a novel. Read it for direction, not distraction.”

I'll layout the primary biblical scriptures, traditional prayers and hymn lyrics I believe give scriptural authority to this conjecture.

2-Cor 10:3-5

I believe the world has gotten out of hand because good peoples thought life have been starved, poisoned or dominated. Knowing our thoughts by being sure of their integrity in the light of God gives our mind a strong foundation. With that we can unwind any manipulation Satan might spin up for us.

Justice Enrichment Theology is a perspective of God which states that God as a righteous God is very clearly, corporally and unapologetically a God of justice.

adapted to a different part of the world. God is a just God, everywhere. Water is wet everywhere. Justice is fairness, fair is fair. Water is wet. Wet is wet. Fairness can mean gaining a comfort or losing a comfort. Getting wet can mean being refreshed or being made uncomfortable. With knowledge and self control we can be wet only when our comfort level will be maintained. I hope to show God's comfort level with justice and help his followers adapt the same values and achieve a closer walk with thee.

Liberation Theology gives South American citizens permission to not accept oppression by governments and/or corporations as an inevitable condition of life. Oppression enabled by church traditions and dogma have provided cover and more importantly protection to the oppressors by manipulation of the faith community. The bully-pulpit ( The gathering of the God's children to receive an oppressive monologue. ) is employed with intellectually vexing and arresting statements that provided calming and comfort on a steady schedule. They have been warned against un-forgivingness, to leave vengeance to the Lord. The idea that this mortal life is not as important as the one to come and they are mutually exclusive provides soil for all kinds of arguments for doscility. The faithful are cautioned not to seek comfort in this world, but to offer up their suffering to God. Jesus on the cross is held up as a divine an enviable example for us all. But Christ's suffering was with his permission after much prayerfull consideration to a good of his loved ones. The bully pulpit skip this detail of reason and can move on to the next semi-cogent thought in an exhaustive thought train with a hypnotizing effect. The security of the church's buildings, staff and ministerial obligations were seen as justifications by persons deeply questioning these behaviors.

Justice Enrichment Theology instructs first world Christians ( Any population with a cultural advantage over another. ) to not approve, permit or participate in oppressive behaviors that home nation corporations and/or government promote.

as a condition of identifying as a Christian.

. engage in. nstitutions, overlooked or supported by Christ's church. We First worlders are feel blessed not to have to deal with it

We have all heard Jesus being called “The Prince of Peace” with great liberty throughout the years. The Prince of Peace who is the very son of God by my way of thinking would be riding point in a great charge toward a peace that surpasses all understanding peace makers shall see god

This is a special talk and you are special people. I am a thirty seven year veteran of movements, marches and protests. This intellectualized portrait of God's mind is in contrast to similarly titled works written by folks for who these in the coarse of their job. I have been an angry peacnic who read the Bible and listened to Preachers with a filter for justice. I was sure God was for justice and that Jesus was for peace and now after 37 years I think I can present clear proof of it. Your being here is a rarity as well. Considering everywhere else you might be, or the several times I almost died, we are Blessed to be together.

Presuming to know God's mind well enough to sit down and explain it is an awesome responsibility and so the component parts need to be simple, clear and necessary.

“Taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ.” as directed by - 2 Corinthians 10:5 strengthens our most important resource and provides our best defense in this world which God so loved as to give his one and only son. The humans frontal lobe, wonderfully and fearfully made is like a super computers operating system and needs to be efficient and bug free.

By nailing down new information and being sure of it's origin and intention we can judge the honesty and importance to our world. If the Devil “The Prince of the Air” who throws the fiery darts for which we are provided the Shield of faith, also can slip a falsehood into our software and corrupt the though process then our charge of being good stewards of the earth will become less and less effective.

Taking every though captive involves semantics and the scientific process simultaneously. That sounds more complicated than it needs to be but I don't want to downplay the importance in the least. Be proud that you care enough to require clarity when speaking.

Speaking the same language, using the same vocabulary is different from speaking the same language having the same values. The second definition is a combination of vocabulary and scientific process. I say this because I give scientific process the quality of theology. Theology “with a small t” is prejudicially owning the value of or purpose of each component part.

Once a though is nailed down, analyzed and identified it can be locked away and called upon whenever needed. With the thought clearly identified and safely locked up we can use it for future reference.

If we are occupied with unidentified thoughts or worse yet are taken captive by them life in this world can get further and further than what I believe God would want for the children he sent his son to and inspired the scriptures for.

Words are important. Song lyrics are more than “just words.” Mind games like, playing on words, bait and switching, using the bully pulpit, emotionalizing, sub--?--linguistics and falsehoods are all out there in many mediums and an important risk to God's kingdom.

“Take every thought captive.” Two thousand years in the making, the “Prince of Peace” has inspired me to wear the role of “Peace General” and lay out an intellectually challenging epiphany for the betterment of the world which he so loved as to give his one and only son.

Now let me explain why I am Peace General Bruce at all. I was born in Columbus, Ohio in the year of our Lord 1958. The year of our Lord has been shortened to be called A.D.

Recently A.D. Has begun to be called C.E. in process of de-Goding the world. I myself am pretty ashamed of the present state of affairs manifested by a planet shaped by so-called Christian nations and can blame no-one with a disdain for the hypocritical that wants to remove the images of a good God from the public sphere. Perhaps a period of persecution can restore the church to an honest representation of Christs ministry.

If on the other hand the C.E. is being used the spirit of world unity it would be better called the Roman era or European era since the dating is a product of the transition of Roman rule and promoted by the European Kingdoms up until now.

So I am now a 55 year old man who had the dream of being a famous Army General after the fashion of General Patton and retire to a cabin in the wilderness. Ever since I was a boy I day dreamed, played and planned General Bruce's life. During church I imagined being the only one with a machine gun when the Nazi's entered to take it over. Driving down the road I imagined strategies of destruction and evasion to pass the time. When we played army in the neighborhood I was the general, Benny was the sergent John was the Corporal and Kelly was the Lutenist.

When I was seventeen my Mother sent me to a public service commune for mentally retarded summer campers. We had a garden, maple sugar bush a beautiful lake and camping for mentally retarded adults. I was overjoyed to be in the gorgeous northern Minnesota woods by age 17. Here is where I learned the true nature of the United Sates government.

When asked if I wanted to go to Vietman ( I missed the draft by 4 years and would have gone willingly. ) it was related to me that the U.S. Had inherited the war fro the French, who had taken the place of the Japanese in oppressing the Vietnamese. Having the epifony of liing in an ilusion I inquired as to how deep the lies went. I chalenged the facts as vigorously as I was able and walked away from the boot lake cabin site a changed man that night. I was so confused and filled with such contempt that the idea that a paratrooper might drop out of the sky and whisk me away kept me up late that night.

I dropped my desire to be an army general and became a peace activist. Being an activist was not a new thing for me. As a youth, having been beatup a time or two myself I had a tendancy to defend the weak in the neighborhood. My younger sister primarily but any smaller kid was my charge as I saw the world. I nevr passed on an opportunity to set a bully straight if I though he needed it and I could do it. Being a smaller kid and generally soft spoken it was easy to goad them into a fight or need to prove they had to leave them alone because my size was not an intimidation factor. I was a good fighter.

My friends and I also filled our clubhouse with aluminum cans for recycling when we were in the fifth grade the year would have been 1968. They ended up being taken out to the trash bit by bit because the closest recycler was California.

I was an extra with many peace and environmentl movements. I showed up at rallys, baked cookies and dropped them off before work for bake sales and drove canvasers to their routes during the Nuctear Freeze Campaign. The until 1983

2 Corinthians 10:5 states, “Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.” I believe if every Christian did this the world would be better off.

This being a talk of a theology, taking every thought captive is an imperative guide when “The mind of God” is up for discussion. In fact if there were one take away from this talk “take every thought captive” would be it. Examining a thought, being master of it, being sure of it's intention, labeling it and keeping it safe is a highly beneficial practice.


Need more?

In the lessons on the “Armor of God” we are called to have our "feet shod with the gospel of peace". I hear this instruction, speaking of the body parts we stand on as a further reminder of our base mission of peace.

Further and lastly, Psalm 34;14 states, “Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.” Seek peace and pursue it.

So here are three clear biblically based statements supporting my reasoning. Take every thought captive now. Examined, clearly demonstrating peace is a priority - Mastering it, committing to memory - Sure of it's intention, Peace is a demonstration of love in practice, Labeled – Call them the three P's, Keeping it safe – Owning these rationals and never wavering and we are well on our way. This is a highly beneficial practice.

All other reasonings about life, the gospel and society will need to agree with this logic. This logic is base. This base is unchangeable. A rigid firm allegiance and militaristic obedience to this logic is what is needed in order to see through the myriad mind numbing infotainment images which has our world so upside-down and inside-out. I repeat, without this radical and firm foundation for peace the rest of my talk and the mind of God will be less than crystal clear. Crystal clarity is imperative as a beginning and must be returned to again and again for the active gospel to make progress.

“Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.”

To understand why this gospel of peace has been diluted we must look at where the church structure began most recently. While saint Paul was in prison writing believers, Christians were being fed to the lions as a sporting method of discouraging his masters followers. This discouragement went along for a while till the theater of terror turned into a demonstration of civil disobedience. After a while the roman authorities decided if ya can't beat'm, join'm. The romans founded the church, a few years later some well dressed men pieced together a cannon called the bible and official Christianity was born.

Fortunately for us Jesus' message of peace and love was so clear and natural that we here can see a better way of putting it into practice.

By the careful use of words, definitions, bully pulpits, bribery and outright threats the church has been found wanting and in near complete support of an oppressive and sadistic national government. To quickly defend such an incendiary accusation I will simply point-out the stark contrast of peace to our last three wars.

“War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing.” War is hell on earth, per many military veterans and civilian inhabitants. Supporting hell and enlisting to join hell are clear abominations. The question erupts, “How necessary is this hell we are promoting, why is it necessary, how did it become necessary, who benefits from the hell that is now determined as necessary and what is the goal, how will it be decided, declared, enforced and nurtured?”

I wonder if war is taken as seriously as it needs to be? People seem to take the tack that wars have been happening since time began and so they “are a normal part of life.” War is not normal and not the part of a “life” cycle. War is part of mans experience. Granted I can still see war as hypothetically nessisary but looking back at the instances of wars being incited for power or profit I wonder if war has been getting to much good press and advertising for our own good. My history education was of wars and the accomplishments of them and the period between wars. Wars were the mile marker we learned by. Events were before or after this or that war.

Wars uproot familys in the invaded lands, dislodge familys of the soldiers and distract scientists and other workers from the art of improving mankinds time here on earth together. Millions of dollars, rubels, liera, marks, pound, franks, and pasos for fighting with big and fancier toys. Hundreds of hours of doctors, nurces, carpenters, drivers, etc -ed.nausium uninvolved with living industriousness.

This is where I would inject some loud-loud sounds, terrible smells, screems, shake the ground, blow smoke in your face and kick your dog and say, hows the war looking? Perhaps you already hate war and feel unjustly put upon by my written demonstration? Sorry, but I hope it helps a bit to demonstrate why one can never be too opposed to the war idea. I am too radical for most Christians. I don't take things realistically. Do you pray to Jesus with that mouth.

Jesus' criticism of religious leaders is all we are told about how he opposed authority. He is shown to pay roman taxes and Paul demands a roman trial. I hold that as a nation whos' power is “granted by the governed” it is incumbent upon us to consent to only just actions by our government. What I want to address now is various preaching styles I think are detrimental to the believers. I also want to address the boxes created by speaking in boundaries that exclude undoing unjust governmental policies, living a Christian life or stepping on the toes of parishioners.

Dead mans bones

The second set first.

First-step-itis. Firststepitis is where salvation and Gods love for us and giving our hearts to Jesus takes the whole sermon, week after week. My opinion is, “I am saved from sin and death by Jesus, my whole existence is a holy gift, how do I show my gratitude in a tangible way that is practical, relevant and sensible?”

Your-not-listening-osis. Yournotlisteningosis is when a preacher belittles the church, insults the congregations honor, or make light of it's best intentions. My take here is, “yes I am indeed listening, don't assume your way into my brain. I am here honorably instruction from honorable people, if you are assuming otherwise I must be in the wrong room. My intention are where my action originate. Were it not for my “good intentions” I would be pursuing a bad end. The phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is bar talk of biblical proportions and is NOT biblical.

The-three-defening-sins-apnia. Thethreedefeningsinsapnia is where the sermon is speaking about listening to God and the obstacle of sin which block his communication are pornography, drugs and drinking. All three may not be the best behaviors but hardly enough to stop the King of Kings from getting through. Give me a break! What of the sin of selfishness, arrogance, UN-forgiveness, cowardice, slander, lying, covetousness. The porn, drugs and drinking seem to be favorite deafeners and the idea that a deafener besides a hardened heart exist is a bit of a stretch. Jesus said, “I demand mercy not a sacrifice.” I think that a bit of hedonistic release in a life of service the mankind in God's name is quite pleasing to the Lord Jesus.

The idea that these previously discussed activities can be a distraction from DOING God's work is a very real danger. Even socially acceptable things like work or sports can accomplish that. DOING God's work is much more benificial than hearing of God's work or discussing God's work. Likewise reading the bible, and studieing the Bible are a worthless activitie without applying it to real life. The thought life can benafit from Biblical study but that can be tricky and daring to be “different” can lead to REAL work and worry. I say this in all confidence because IF we as Chricians WERE indeed practicing the faith the worl would look very different today. Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

Who assembled the bible? Why was the Revelation we know as “The book of Revelation” chosen as THEE revelation?

The Bible we read is a construct of the Roman oligarchs who “became” Christian along with some Christian traditionalists who were friendly with the ruling class. I will surmise after seeing the evidence presented these days that the revelation serves to instruct Christians as to what to expect next in their voluntary submission to the devil. By my way of thinking waiting for Jesus to clean up the earthly mess is hardly an example of working faith.

Working for Jesus

don't go there yourself

To me an activist culture in a christain life would be exciting and rewarding.

An activist culture is needed. Being surounded by a leasure culture is a very toxic influence. Not having fun has made christianity look like spotty halo polishing. The early church was a very socialist group. Sharing everything as needed gave them many advantages.

To ve honest this nation is an experament

Demonstrating and explaining these methods are for another time and place where the negativity and inane reasoning are made a special time for.

This is why the true gospel of peace needs defense.

Now as to how peace might be sought more fully we need to step back a few years to when Justice became a major focus in my life.

Where the rubber meets the road, or more aptly put, where the cross meets the ground.

Many people
Brass tacks, religion meeting reality WWJD? Life on this planet can be a trying experience to say the least. It can easily be asserted that survival is an ongoing concern for us all. In one way or another our very survival has to be provided before any of the suferflues “fun experiences” I see as distractions from providing survival to the least of these.

Being comfortable once survival is ensured comes next. By comfort I am speaking about the basic comfort of not shivering, having a stomach that is comfortable, feeling well rested and knowing your loved ones are provided for in a similar state.

Happyness is a much more complicated subject. Many would be happy just to survive. For others comfortable is more than they can imagine. But for the readers of this letter, the intended students and enthusiasts of justice the fun argument is where I intend to make a difference as we all will soon.
Sure, Vale Colerado, Tahiti, Disneyland and the HolyLand vacation are nice ways to spend some time, but is it appropriate, resposible or even respectaable in light of the dispaer and poverty our family members still experience? How would it be for the Father who earns the family money to eat well travel and sleep warmly while the rest of the family is hungry, bored, lonley and cold? That's what I see as the situation our world family is in. The analogy is completely appropriate given the words of the gospel and innumerable popular songs.

The problems of so many people wanting to survive and be comfortable seem so overwhelming that many chose to take the opinion that “nothing” can be done. Hence I introduce you to “the futility syndrome.” This syndrome is the pet theory of the ruling class, the entertainment industry and the very devil himself. “Please, just give up before you even start.”

A “graceful?” form is thusly... When in their early 20's, I need to be careful with my reputation and ensure a easy job seeking ability. When married, the kids take so much time. When retired, I worked so hard all my life, now is my time to relax.

Speaking of retirement, many alternatively hold the notion that old age is the time when one has the knowledge and resources to make changes in the society or world they only had a notion of what was involved when a young adult.

I as a young adult desired to make a difference but for many years, ( granted many considered me a very activist person) I held to the notion that getting involved was an option. I was “just” a bit player at first. I would bake cookies for fund raisers and drop them off before work. I just “showed up” at rallies and protests. The rallies and protests helped me meet other like minded folk and find out about deeper aspects of the issue. It wasn't till I had been involved for twenty some years that I adopted activism as my job and the word-a-day world as a means to provide for that job.

Now days I work till I am exhausted and rest till I am re-inspired. Soldiers in the field work like that don't they? Refugee family's life in a similar manner too.

Many popular activities fly in the face of this syndrome. Mountain climbers for instance train for months even years to get to the top for a few minutes. Amputees or those with other debilitating physical limitations endeavor to do “the imposable” or unthinkable recovery.

I have come up with a list of approaches to activism.

Corporate – This is the most familiar one going. The 501c3 with a president and the like.

Fiduciary Trust – Investing in the future of people. Storing up treasure in heaven.

Family – The second most familiar is where a person invests their own fortune without an organized structural requirement. They may develop a system to follow if they think the cause will be advanced by it. They work out of love and give and take support as the Lord provides.

Newmans Own – This is kinda new. A person sets up a company to operate at a profit providing a product or service they believe in. The business “is” the ministry and any profits are funneled into a per-determined charitable outlet. Simply employing folks while providing for a need may be enough.

Sport – Sport philanthropy is the notion that with so much time and money is frittered away anyway(IMO), why not do something constructive and enjoyable? Taking the same serious and passionate approch to justice, helping and societal improvement could really get a lot done.

The Coach might be an experienced activist or cook or even just a person with supervisory skills. Offensive coaches job would be exploring new resources, new folks to help or see as having skin in the game without even knowing it. A defensive coach might stand guard at events, coordinate safety, scan for the occasional troublemakers or even look within the group for warning signs of disharmony{moral}. Then there are special teams, equipment facilities and the like.

Coop – This combines the family with the Newman's own. Worker or community owned structures give a strong framework for a durable charity.

Fun – It should all be fun. Making a person smile creates two smiles, it's better to give than receive and all that jazz.

2 Corinthians 10:5
had for many years subdued citizen revolt and permitting state sanctioned labor and resource exploitation. Justice Enrichment Theology

Take every thought captive. was concerned with telling the common folk they were not obliged to submit to an oppression that was in many cases enabled by the established church.

Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

2 Corinthians 10:5

your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

Take every though captive. is a sort of one might argue imagined the opposable thumb and the God in him made it so. states, .prime directive” Peace General Bruce operates from. Don t go your selves

Then finally I will do a wrap up and conclusion, praying you go away richer and stronger for having been here.