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Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome can interact with a person from one of two perspectives.

1: Altruistic Empathy, is the pathway when a person “feels for” another’s bad situation. Cost is no object. Right is right. Fair is fair. A level playing field. This person, brought up to think of others as themselves and can imagine what another might be experiencing. They desire to have them safe and happy, or at least with the same advantages as themselves. With this person justice is an issue of the heart.

2: Prudent Self Interest, is the pathway when a person understands the saying, “None are free when any are oppressed. IE: When may I be a “minority, outcast or dissident?” Logic guides this person even if they are indifferent to the pain of others.

Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome creates stress and ensuing ailments through two personal emotions. 1: Helplessness. 2: Hopelessness.

Much has been written about the stresses of these two personal feelings leading to illness. > 1: Helplessness. 2: Hopelessness.

When injustice continues our sense of order, security and safety is in conflict.