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JusticeJet,net – Introduction.

Looking at life from the top of the mountain.

JusticeJet,net is about fairness. Adults speak of the legal term justice but children are taught how to be fair. Our inner child understands this and cares deeply for themselves and others. Some are more sensitive to the concerns of others. We are them.

Fairness and Righteousness are the emotional components of justice that we think the self help program of Justice Enrichment Therapy operates on. It is the emotions and spirit that creates the various malaise in people with “Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome.”

Life should be fair. If people wish to brush off injustice by saying life is not fair then I ask why we were given good parents, teachers, coaches or court judges.

City Hall is a human institution and should justly serve it's citizens. There are many Lawyers in any city who will help you “fight city hall” for a price.

Even Mother Nature is fair. Her ways are not our ways but we see reason and kindness in her. She provides a curative beauty to look at and medicines to take. Nature sustains us and buffets us against the vacuum of space.

Biblically speaking fairness is called righteousness. Righteousness is a prime directive of the Christian faith. (This is the religious system I practice. I get better at it everyday, God willing.) Psalm 45:07q states “Your Royal Majesty is expressed in Righteousness.”

So is to help people who have especially fair or justice or righteousness oriented personality's be successful. is a support system for an until recently undetermined malaise called “Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome.”

Injustice sensitivity syndrome harms by the knowledge of injustice. Knowing injustice is occurring makes these people feel poorly. Trying to understand why injustice is permitted and uncovering the roots so they can solve an injustice can become an obsession with purpose.

With this malaise the “patient” or “sufferer” thinks, “Oh those poor people” or “If I could only find the answer, then my life would be well.” (Because the life of another is well.)

“Justice Enrichment Therapy” is designed to support that notion. Having empathy for others is a fine personal trait. Helping to solve injustice is a noble and praiseworthy task.

Helping the sufferer know they are on the right track is the first and sometimes best tool we can share. I repeat - Helping the sufferer know they are on the right track is the first and sometimes best tool we can share.

We hope to provide additional personal tools for coping with injustice. Tools like boundaries, meditation, understanding and patience.

Uncovering and learning about yet unknown injustices is helpful to us all but exposes the learner to more personal suffering and possible ridicule. See personal tools above.

Exposing injustice can make one feel better and garner needed support but also add to our personal burden. We think it is a burden worth bearing but if it can be made easier, why not? Personal tools and strategies make this task easier, safer and more productive.

Making an unjust situation just is an exhilarating experience. The joy of making life better is the reward of “a job well done.” Much toil and trial is then converted into fodder for the heart warming celebration.

Come, peruse the site and join this Righteous Orientation.

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