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With this therapy we are able to give
A: encouragement to the motivated people unsure if activism is an answer to their troubles.
B: honor to the many “mentally ill” who need to help in their helping, but are instead drugged and “returned to society.”
C: attitudes and tools activists need to attain success in the most efficient, enjoyable way. possible.

Super Charging the Efforts of those working for Justice!

JUSTICE "J.ustice E.nrichment T.herapy" on the .NET

Treating the Heart Like the Valuable Sensor and Resource that it is.

Because "Justice is a matter of the Heart" and it always has been.

Put your Heart into it, you'll be glad ya did and possably suprised how
what you can accomplish in the Grand Scheme of things.

Truth leads to Justice and Justice leads to Peace.

Peace Now!

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